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libmistat is a library of statistical functions. It uses the gsl engine for matrix and vector handling. All functions are called using this engine (which is also compatible with ATLAS).


Because gsl is too little and too much for what I want and need.

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libmistat Current Information (3/18/05)

The beta version is released! The download site has the release files as well as the file required for testing. NOTE: download and expand the test files into their respective test directory. For matrix test, rename the files to data.h if required.

Linear functions are to follow along with any bug fixes. The beta release versions starts at 0.1 and will increment the hundredths digit for fixes, and increment the tenth digit as major functions (directories) are added. This means that the beta release will be 0.1, then when linear is put back in, it will be 0.2.

I will be adding links for references that I have used in this project.

More About Testing and Accuracy

The testing functions currently test checks that are done when a function is called in the matrix and sorts functions only. I started a similar pattern in descriptive's; however, this will results in quite a few test. I am trying to decided if this should be done for development checks or for "make check". It would be quite a bit of test programs.

Accuracy testing has been satisfactory on many systems (Cygwin and compile farm). The data is from NIST when possible. However, many procedures do not have NIST or any other standardized data/results (such as kurtosis/skewness). There I just use the results from my system. Input would be a big help

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